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The Office for International Relations

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The Office of Interinstitutional Relations works towards advancing national and international cooperation as a necessary condition for the modernization of higher education institutions, and thus towards maintaining the university at the forefront, of the scientific, cultural and technological advances of the country.

Amongst its priorities are the strengthening of the role of teachers and students in the different departments of the university and the fostering of joint projects which bring academic and governing communities together and to bring these together with the rest of the world.
The Office of Interinstitutional Relations is responsible for
  • Coordinating, with other universities and public or private institutions, activities related to international postgraduate and exchange programmes, and grants offered by foreign universities, governments or by International Organizations.
  • Facilitating academic and student mobility from the point of view of mutual confidence and equivalents of quality.
  • Systemizing and spreading information, within the university community, concerning international cooperation programmes.
  • Promoting the establishment of agreements and contracts with other institutions, both national and international.
 Current Academic Exchange Programs
    The International Association for Exchange of Students for Technical Experience, which promotes exchanges in the field of technical and laboratory work experience.
  • Cooperación Universitaria Colombo-Española (INTERCAMPUS)
    An academic exchange programme for undergraduate and postgraduate students with Spanish universities, sponsored by the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation, AECI.
  • El Dorado
Academic exchange programme for undergraduate and postgraduate students with French universities
Director: Dr. Eliska Krausova

Assistant: Claudia Romero